Overwatch Archives 2021 “Bushi” Genji skin revealed

Bill Cooney
Genji Bushi Archives skin
Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch is rolling out the new skins like it’s no one’s business ahead of the 2021 Archives event, and the latest is an amazing look for Genji called “Bushi” that could be one of his best cosmetics yet.

Out of all of Overwatch’s events, when it comes to new cosmetics Archives joins Anniversary as one of those where it’s just a pure toss up on what kind of skins we’re going to get.

For some reason Jeff and the team decided to keep us waiting until the day before the event gets going on April 6 to start teasing what new looks will be coming. After showing off Widow’s first, we then got blessed with a peek at Genji’s new “Bushi” skin, one that could be his best yet.

Blizzard Entertainment
Genji looks so good as a Samurai, it should be criminal.

The name “Bushi” is the Japanese word for “warrior” and often used to refer to Samurai. While usually considered more of Overwatch’s resident ninja, the younger Shimada brother looks so awesome that we really have to hand it to whichever hard-working designer came up with this idea.

Genji is covered in blue armor, with a “Kamon” or crest on the chest depicting the infamous Shurikens that make up his primary attack. This skin is packed with detail, and if you look at his helmet you’ll notice the double dragon symbol for Hanzo’s Ultimate smack dab in the center.

His Dragonblade gets an upgrade as well with a massive handle and guard that makes the weapon look practically twice as large as on the swordsman’s other skins.

Knowing Genji and the players who enjoy using him, we predict this will be an absolute smash hit when it comes out with Archives. Even if we don’t get a new PvE mission, a skin like this does help dull the pain.

Guessing the rarity of this bad boy is simple: one look and you can tell straight away it’ll be a Legendary available for 3,000 coins, if you aren’t lucky enough to get it in an Archives loot box.

There’s sure to be plenty more skins that come out with the event, so keep up with all things Archives 2021 at our official hub, which we’ll keep updated with all the new content as things roll along.