New Overwatch 2 hero Mauga is available to play today

Patrick Dane
Mauga ow2 leak

A Nintendo news communication on the Switch has seemingly revealed Mauga a little early ahead of BlizzCon’s Opening Ceremony.

We’ve known there would be a new hero announcement coming to Overwatch at BlizzCon for a little while. We also knew that the character would be a Tank. However, that identity has now been revealed, albeit a little early. This news has dropped ahead of Blizzard’s upcoming Opening Ceremony via a Nintendo news post (as captured on Reddit). This aligns with information that had been shared with us via our own sources earlier this week.

Overwatch’s 39th hero is the long-speculated Mauga. The Samoan has been on Overwatch player’s radars since 2019. He showed up in Baptiste’s origin story, and he’s been long speculated ever since. However, he was originally planned to come much earlier as Hero 31, which eventually became Sigma. Since then, players have been waiting to see Mauga in action. 

Mauga is available in a limited-time event

That wait is finally over. The tank is a fire-themed brawler who has two enormous chain gun that is all about burning heroes. What’s more, there’s no wait for him. 

Blizzard EntertainmentMauga and Baptiste go way back.

In a rather shocking move, the post announced that Mauga would be available today. The Tank can be played now and has been dropped right into the middle of Season 7 as part of a limited-time trial.

This marks the first time the hero has been released outside of a season launch since Overwatch 2 began last year. Season 7 came with the thematic inclusion of the Samoan map, so this makes sense. 

This will only be a limited-time event from Friday 3 to Sunday 5th across all consoles. He will be available in full at the launch of Season 8.

Update: It’s now official.

Blizzard has now officially announced Mauga at BlizzCon. You can read more about him in the official Blizzard blog here, or check out our guide on playing him.