Overwatch 2 Season 12 hero “Space Ranger”: Release window, in-game teasers & more

Carver Fisher
Space ranger everything we know overwatch 2

“Space Ranger” is the codename for Overwatch 2 Season 12’s Martian hero. Here’s everything we know about the hero including her expected release date, concept art & more.

Overwatch 2’s developers have been busy. Season 9 saw a massive overhaul to competitive, and Venture’s Season 10 arrival was well-received from a gameplay standpoint. Season 11 has been quiet, but it’s rolling out the carpet for Season 12’s Space Ranger.

Though her projected release date is coming up fast, the devs have been silent on her progress since her reveal in November 2023.

Here’s everything we know so far about Overwatch 2’s first Martian hero, Space Ranger.

Does Space Ranger have an Overwatch 2 release date?

With Space Ranger set to release in Season 12, she’ll be arriving on August 21, 2024 according to the current Battle Pass time clock barring any delays. This date is subject to change.

Overwatch 2’s more modern heroes like Mauga and Venture have had a test period, and it’s fair to expect the same from Space Ranger. We’ll keep you updated on when/if she gets a preview window.

There are some hints about her in Overwatch 2 Season 11 that players have spotted, mainly that meteors have shown up in the sky since the patch went live.

This came along with a set of Seasonal challenges with very space-themed names like “Chasing Stars”, “A Star is Born”, “Wish Upon a Star”, and more. All of this combined points to a full Space Ranger reveal in the coming weeks.

Additionally, all new Overwatch 2 heroes are free from here on out, meaning you’ll get to play Space Ranger the day she comes out.

Space Ranger abilities, role & more

Space Ranger is, much like her still having a codename would imply, in a very early state. While we know that she’s a support hero, we don’t know too much about her actual abilities yet. And, even if we did, it’s likely that her abilities would be subject to change.

However, some early concept art has given us a good idea of what direction they’re taking her in.

Space Ranger’s weapon is described as a “burst-fire Smart SMG”, with smart being a particularly scary word with it implying her bullets, in some way, shape, or form track targets. This could be a part of how she heals or how she damages enemies.

She also was sold as someone who’s very mobile and has a lot of vertical options, and she’s got some shoulder-mounted rocket pods that could be used for either damage or healing.

Though the details behind what she actually does are slim, her design creates a lot of opportunities for the devs to get creative with her abilities.

That’s everything we know about Space Ranger so far! We’ll be sure to keep this updated as more details come to light.