Overwatch players think they’ve discovered the next OW2 hero already

new overwatch 2 support hero overlordBlizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch 2 community thinks they may have discovered who the next support hero will be after combing through possible options.

Earlier this week, the Overwatch devs revealed a ton of hints about the next two heroes, stating that they will be “cute” in a way that’s similar to Mercy (and not a dog).

They also teased that the next support hero’s kit will feature “mechanics that will be really interesting to watch unfold in high-level games” and will be completely unique.

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Although that’s all the devs had to offer up about Season 4’s new hero so far, players have taken that info and used it to come up with a couple of prime candidates from existing Overwatch lore.

Overwatch characters look into the distanceActivision Blizzard
A new support hero is coming in Season 4.

Overwatch 2 players may have found Season 4’s support hero

In a post on Reddit that gained a lot of traction, a user pointed out quite an interesting interaction between D.Va and Tracer.

“D.Va and Tracer already have a rare interaction concerning Overlord that I think many people likely aren’t aware of. Do you think he will be one of the next two ‘cute’ support heroes?” a fan pondered.

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In the spawn room, there is a line where D.Va tells Tracer she will “have to introduce you to Overlord,” adding that he’s the best pilot she knows.

Overlord is one of the members of MEKA squad – a group of South Korean pilots who work with D.Va to protect the country from threats.

Interestingly, back in 2022, the devs indicated they would “love” to add more of MEKA squad as heroes, but warned they had “no official plans” at that time.

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Is the next Overwatch 2 hero from a comic?

Other fans had different theories about Season 4’s support hero. In another post making rounds, a user suggested that Lynx 17 could be the new addition.

“Everyone is thinking Overlord will be the new support but are we forgetting Zarya’s ONLY Omnic buddy?” the player suggested, adding that he’s also met Sombra, enables tanks, and fits the cute description.

“I mean, just look at the bunny ears!” the player exclaimed.

Although some fans had doubts that another Omnic hero would be released so soon after Ramattra, we shouldn’t have long to wait until the new character is revealed and if they’re a familiar face or someone totally unexpected.

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Season 4 of Overwatch 2 is set to begin in April and it’s likely that the new hero is revealed a bit before that, so be sure to keep it locked to Dexerto for all the latest news and updates for all things OW2.

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