Overwatch 2 Mythic skins disabled in May 14 patch due to game-breaking bug

Shane Black
Overwatch 2 Hanzo Mythic

A bug has appeared in Overwatch 2 after its May 14 update that is removing players’ Mythic skins from their account, both in the menus and in-game. As it turns out, this is due to the skins causing players to disconnect from games.

While the patch aimed to shake up the gameplay and provide a more balanced experience, it looks like it has broken something for many fans.

When logging into their accounts, many Overwatch 2 players reported that their Mythic skins have vanished from their profiles.

The news quickly spread around the subreddit, where several people have posted to ask where their Mythic skins have gone. One user explained: “Like I went to the hero gallery and they just don’t show up. It just defaults to Overwatch 2 skins.”

Another fan says that when they look in the Mythic shop, it tells them that they already own it, but when they go to equip it, they won’t show up. Other users are reported that the skins won’t even show up for them in the shop at all.

Blizzard have since commented on the matter, saying that the skins were disabled due to an issue with players disconnecting from games. Mythic skins being disabled is intentional.

This is why even the Mythic store is disabled, with these skins causing people’s games not to function properly.

Players will get these skins back eventually, though a timeline on when this problem will be fixed hasn’t been provided. That said, nothing has changed about Overwatch 2 as a result of this other than being unable to use their Mythic skins. Those who want to play it normally can do so without issue.

It’s an unfortunate issue that is overshadowing the launch of the update that is bringing a collaboration with Porsche to Overwatch 2. However, many players want to see this resolved before thinking about the new content, as one person comments: “I don’t even wanna play until I know I’ll get them back.”

We’ll update you when Blizzard has a solution for the issue.

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