Overwatch 2 players call Hanzo’s mythic skin the “worst ever”

John Esposito
Overwatch 2 players aren't happy with Hanzo Mythic skin

Overwatch 2’s newest season introduces a new Mythic skin for Hanzo, and fans are not happy after a first look at it.

Overwatch 2’s newest season, Rise of Darkness, is bringing all the scares and thrills October 10. A few highlights from the new season include a Sombra and Roadhog rework, a new Control map, and a new co-op game mode, Trials of Sanctuary.

Similar to previous seasons, a new battle pass will be released, full of limited-time cosmetics that’ll break the bank. Completing the battle pass will reward a Mythic skin, with this season introducing a new one for the sharpshooter, Hanzo.

However, at first glance, many players are not happy with the new look for Hanzo and took to Reddit to voice their opinion.

Overwatch 2 players voice frustrations over Hanzo mythic skin

Since launch, Mythic skins have been highly sought out in Overwatch 2 due to the unique artistic style of each skin set. Each Mythic also offers a bevy of customizable options for a hero, making each one feel unique.

However, the newest one, Onryō Hanzo, has been ripped apart by fans since it appears to be a very limited recoloring of the character.

“Seriously, what is this? Just 2 different bows and coloring? Does the skin deliver nothing else? ‘B-but the skin has different sounds and ult’ Wow that’s incredible, the others also have it and on top of that have variation in customization” commented the Reddit user.

“Meanwhile the last mythic they casually made three completely different models. They should have at the very least changed the tattoos and horns on every color option…” commented another user, in reference to the Season 6 Ana skin.

There’s no telling if Blizzard will implement any changes to the skin, but some players fear it might be the start of a downtrend for future Mythic skins.

“Give it a few seasons and there will be zero options. Or come in a separate tier you have to pay extra for,” one user eerily replied.

We’ll see if these opinions change when Rise of Darkness hits Overwatch 2 on October 10.