Overwatch 2 players call for ability to turn off cool Moira Mythic feature

Patrick Dane
Moira will be recieving the new Mythic skin in Overwatch 2

The Moira Mythic in Overwatch Season 9 is great, but some players are hoping that a toggle can be added for one of its features. 

Overwatch 2 introduced Mythic skins into the game when the sequel was released. Since then, we’ve had many of these excellent skins as the final rewards in Battle Passes, which act as aesthetic character overhauls. 

They’ve been a generally well-received addition to the sequel, and their customizable nature makes them really flexible to player tastes too. What’s even cooler though, is that these skins often change a lot of abilities VFXs, and voice lines, creating whole new vibes for beloved heroes.  

One feature that comes with many of the skins too, is that the voices of the characters are often overhauled with voice modulation that either makes them more robotic, ghostly, or mysterious. This effect will affect all voice lines said by the character too, not just the skin-specific lines.

However, while this is an undeniably cool feature, some are asking for some choice about how it is applied in-game

Overwatch 2 players should be able to turn off Mythic skin voice changes

In a thread on the Overwatch Reddit, players are asking to be able to toggle off these voice effects on characters for a variety of reasons. User datewithikeaa asked to be able to turn off Moira’s voice on the mythic skin, specifically. They said: “3 games in I am reverting back to old skins because the deep reverb-laden warped Moira voice is driving me crazy.” 

Moira’s Mythic is one of the coolest in the game.

“The sound isn’t balanced at all and it feels like it’s all I can hear in the middle of battle – on top of that the reverb in the voice makes it harder for me to hear footsteps etc… I have no issue with the audio changes for the skin – but I would love to be able to just use the normal voice and sound effects as a customization option”.

Others concurred saying this option should be extended to all Mythic skins. One user said: “100% should be an option on mythics on the same screen as selecting your appearance. I get tired of the Orisa one and Ana one often.”

Some think the voice filter just makes the skins too loud: “I never got why the volume was so high? Like how is this enjoyable”. It seems Orisa’s Mythic is a problem skin too. Another player simply said: “Orisa’s Mythic is so annoying”.

The voice-changing on the skins is a really cool feature that a lot of players like – but, understandably, some players don’t love the effect. For skins that are meant to be customizable to the player experience, this seems like a QoL feature that would help that experience even further.