Overwatch 2 Reinhardt player gets absolutely trolled by relentless Roadhog

Andrew Highton
roadhog and reinhardt in overwatch 2

Lifeweaver has been a lifesaver in Overwatch 2 since debuting in Season 4, and one Roadhog player made a Reinhardt player pay for Lifweaver’s player-saving skills in hilarious fashion.

It’s been a veritable mixed bag for Lifeweaver since they arrived in Overwatch 2 Season 4. Almost immediately, balancing changes were locked in to address some troublesome issues. Players were getting frustrated with Lifeweaver’s state, and even though it took some time, players seem to be getting on board with Lifeweaver now.

The support Hero can prove to be an instrumental part of a winning team when used efficiently. Recently, a Reinhardt player got to experience first-hand the abilities of Lifeweaver.

During the middle of a skirmish, they were heading for disaster, until the Hero came to their aid. However, the Roadhog user whose kill they denied took serious umbrage to the act of kindness.

Roadhog pursues Reinhardt player who defied death in Overwatch 2

Reddit user Lukitakimo showcased a gameplay video of themself yeeting a Reinhardt using Roadhog’s Chain Hook on the Rialto map.

The Reinhardt stopped perilously over the water before being dragged back to safety by Lifeweaver’s Life Grip ability. The enraged Roadhog player then proceeded to bully Reinhardt into submission with Roadhog’s Ultimate and eventually sent Reinhardt into the water.

Fast-forward to later in the match, and the exact same circumstances repeated themself, leaving Reinhardt to fight for his life once more – to no avail.

We should add that the whole clip features incessant machine gun sounds from the player mimicking the action.

Players rightly praised the heroic actions of the Lifeweaver: “Those supports were pretty good, couldn’t stop the hog ult meat grinder tho!” said one player, and another added: “Rein should kiss that Weaver’s feet for a thousand suns.”

On the other hand, Reddit users also couldn’t get enough of the Roadhog’s relentless pursuit. “Please, I’m dying, he’s just flying all over the place,” commented one user, whereas Reddit user Tokagenji said: “Rein just wanted to play OW and you guys turned him into a basketball.”

It goes to show that persistence pays off in the end. We can also expect to see some incredible, diverse Overwatch 2 gameplay like this in the 2023 Overwatch League too.