Overwatch 2 players frustrated with Lifeweaver’s “gigantic” hitbox

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Lifeweaver’s launch has been a divisive one, with players still debating whether or not he’s a viable hero. However, a big argument against him is his “gigantic” hitbox.

If nothing else, Lifeweaver is a unique hero. His abilities are more focused on repositioning allies, creating opportunities, and countering other heroes.

However, Overwatch 2 players have noticed that they’re having a hard time staying alive as Lifeweaver. Even with the self-heal on his dash and his utility options, he seems to have a hard time staying alive in fights.

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For this, players are blaming Lifeweaver’s massive hitbox. Particularly the fact that the lotus flower on his back counts as a hit on the hero.

Overwatch 2 players call out Lifeweaver’s hitbox

The size of a hero’s hitbox is an often overlooked detail when it comes to the overall time to kill and how difficult it is to stay alive in a fight. Especially when it comes to playing against specific heroes.

For instance, a hero with a shotgun like Reaper will have a much easier time taking down a hero like Zenyatta than he does someone like Kiriko, that has a smaller hitbox, even if their health is the same.

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Overwatch 2 players have been experimenting with Lifeweaver’s hitbox and have noticed just how easy it is to damage him as certain heroes due to the lotus on his back counting as part of his hitbox.

Though the actual hit area for his lotus is extremely accurate when it comes to pinpoint accurate hitscan shots like Ana’s scoped-in rifle, things start to get messy when factoring in projectiles that have a bit more forgiveness as to what counts as a hit.

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Hanzo’s arrows, Mei’s icicles, Reinhardt’s Flame Strike, and pretty much any large projectile is almost impossible to miss when thrown in Lifeweaver’s general direction. Shotguns shred him. Meanwhile, hitscanners that rely on pinpoint accuracy can miss shots on him at what feels like random.

One commenter said, “This is like if Reinhardt could be shot in the hammer”, as a humorous way to point out how strange Lifeweaver’s hitbox seems in comparison to other characters in Overwatch.

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This is clearly an issue some players have with the hero, but a method of fixing it isn’t yet apparent outside of changing the way his character looks entirely. Something that comes with its own set of issues. Whether or not the balance team chooses to alter his hitbox remains to be seen.

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