Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver can use support ability to sacrifice teammates and save themselves

Andrew Highton
Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver

An Overwatch 2 clip has shown how a new Lifeweaver technique can actually get the Hero out of trouble – even if it’s at the expense of their own teammates.

Lifeweaver has been such a big talking point since the character’s introduction in Season 4. The Support Hero has many useful abilities, aside from basic healing principles, such as the Life Grip ability, and the apparently deadly Tree of Life.

The Life Grip, in particular, has proven to be a big asset and one that can save teammates from disaster. In a shocking twist though, one Overwatch 2 player showed how it can be used for self-preservation. If you’re in severe danger and need a fall guy to bail you out, then you can always just use one of your teammates as fodder.

Lifeweaver player sacrifices teammate in Overwatch 2

Reddit user jcl1407 jokingly claimed that they had “found a new LW tech.” In their video, their flashy new technique began with them being chased by an enemy Reinhardt.

Realizing it was better to vamoose, the Lifeweaver player ran away and bumped into a friendly Cassidy along the way. In the blink of an eye, Lifeweaver grabbed Cassidy and put him in the way of Reinhardt. This turned out to be a stroke of genius, for Lifeweaver, as Reinhardt initiated his Charge ability, grabbed Cassidy, and instantly killed him.

Given that was the intended fate for the Lifeweaver, the controversial play ended up saving their own skin.

“Bruh that’s nasty,” said one of the top comments, only for the OP to bring some context to the play: “I’d feel bad about it if it wasn’t my friend lmao.”

In terms of Lifeweaver plays, one user said: “This is the best one yet,” and another comment added: “I keep calling him the biggest troll in the game. There’s new troll moves every day! Mei’s wall has nothing on him.”

Was this done for the greater good? That’s for the OP and his friend to decide. In any event, the Overwatch 2 community seemed to love the circumstances. The Lifeweaver plays just keep coming, especially after one player pulled off a ridiculous reverse Uno play with them.