Overwatch 2 players discover how to make the best Lifeweaver plays

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Lifeweaver has been available to Overwatch 2 players for a while now, but players are only just beginning to master his complicated kit, as his Life Grip and Petal Platform both have a high skill ceiling.

When he was first revealed, the new support turned several heads due to the potential to force allied players into positions they didn’t want to be in, with the use of Life Grip and Petal Platform.

Life Grip in particular faced a lot of heat from players who feared it would interrupt key ultimates and engages, or enable trolls to ruin games at the press of a button.

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But after a few days of practice since the start of the season, it looks like support players have settled into their new hero well, and they’re already starting to pull off clutch plays to save teammates from certain death.

Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver players discover new ways to save allies

While most of the community’s focus is on Life Grip, Lifeweaver’s other big ability, Petal Platform, also has the potential to make a huge difference in heated teamfights.

In one viral clip, a Lifeweaver player throws the platform directly below himself and his teammates just as the enemy Reinhardt hits a three-man Earthshatter.

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The platform then raises the stunned teammates safely out of reach, much to the annoyance of the Rein.

Life Grip has also emerged as a solid counter against Roadhog on maps with large environmental kill potential.

Maps like Illios and Nepal often see Roadhogs play around pits and edges to get easy kills by hooking people off of the map. This was made easier when he was nerfed last season, as Hog’s hook now positions enemies further away from him.

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But now, Lifeweaver can consistently counter hooks with Life Grip, pulling allies back to safety and wasting one of the enemy team’s biggest cooldowns.

One of the things that makes this counter so easy to pull off is the forgiving range of Life Grip, and the fact that Roadhog has to wait for the enemy to fall to their death before he can confirm the kill.

In another clip, this trick helps turn the tide of an entire fight, as the rescued teammate manages to hook the enemy Hog for a revenge elimination.

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If you want to learn how to get the most out of Lifeweaver, check out our in-depth guide on all his abilities and playstyles.

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