Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver troll discovers method to consistently pull teammates off map

Shane Black
Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver

The Overwatch 2 community is reeling from a Lifeweaver troll who has discovered a way to pull teammates off the map consistently.

Trolls are a special kind of player that has been around since the advent of online multiplayer in gaming, and Overwatch 2 certainly has its fair share.

Aiming to make the lives of their teammates as rough as possible, trolls can be a real thorn in the side of players who are looking to play the game straight. As such, the devs behind Overwatch 2 had to code Lifeweaver specifically not to be able to pull his teammates off of ledges to prevent trolling.

Unfortunately, a new method of trolling seems to have emerged as a Lifeweaver has found a way to consistently pull their teammates off the map despite the devs’ best efforts to prevent players from being able to do so.

Overwatch 2 players terrified of Lifeweaver trolling method

In a post to the Overwatch subreddit, a player shared their frustrations with a recent encounter with the Lifeweaver troll: “This is what I have to go through playing comp in Korean servers.”

The post comes with a clip showing the terrible method of trolling, where the Lifeweaver uses their abilities to sow chaos and lose their team the match.

Lifeweaver comes with the Life Grip ability, which is designed to help pull teammates out of scary situations to heal them. It’s arguably the best part of his kit, and a very valuable tool in the right hands.

However, this Lifeweaver is able to use it to pull their teammates right off the map over and over again. Even worse: this is all being done in a competitive match.

The community is equally upset by the trolling, even if they do find it rather humorous in its own way.

“I’m sorry this happened in comp but if this happened to me in quick play I would have fallen out of my chair laughing.”

The fact that they are doing it in a competitive match of Overwatch 2 is really the biggest issue for most people. Many felt as if they wouldn’t have too many issues with this if it was done to their friends in a casual game, but not to their teammates in comp.

Many players are also scared of the clip spreading inspiration to other trolls in the game:

“Bruh, you should not have shared this on Reddit. It’s going to be in like 5/10 of my games tonight.”

Whether or not this method of trolling spreads throughout Overwatch 2, this troll has certainly made a name for himself in the worst way.

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