Overwatch 2 Reinhardt-Lifeweaver combo leads to one of the most spectacular kills ever

Patrick Dane
A charging Reinhardt from Overwatch 2

One Overwatch 2 Reinhardt player has gotten one of the most spectacular, if not stupid, charge kills you’ll ever see thanks to a helping hand from a Lifeweaver.

Lifeweaver’s introduction to Overwatch 2 has been fascinating to monitor. While he has one of the most unique skill sets, he came into the game a little underwhelming. However thanks to a couple of buffs, he’s doing far better nowadays. While he’s not top of the meta, he can output a lot of healing. Also, if his Lifegrip is used well, it can save players at key times. 

However, the most fun use of him we’ve seen is players using Lifegrip with another hero to sling-shot them into situations they shouldn’t be. We’ve seen many different uses of this, perhaps most famously with Orisa’s ultimate for devastating results

This all comes from a potent mix of the Overwatch developers’ game design and player creativity. That combo has led to some of the wildest kills in Overwatch history. 

However, we bring you a special one today. Thanks to a clip posted on Reddit, we’ve now seen what might be the most spectacular Lifeweaver-assisted kill yet. 

Reinhardt squishes Widowmaker like a bug

In a Reddit thread that has received over 5.2k upvotes, user NotMichu posted a clip of one of the wildest Reinhardt kills you’ll ever see. 

Set on Eichenwalde, Reinhardt gets a hell of an assist from Lifeweaver who times his jump and pull perfectly to coincide with the enemy doors opening. This sends Reinhardt into the stratosphere, who then charges and squishes a poor, unsuspecting Widowmaker from the sky.  

Now, before you and a buddy try to recreate this, it’s probably not an advisable kill. As the clip shows, the Reinhardt finds themselves in the middle of the enemy team. They are almost instantly burst down and killed. The walk back from the defender’s spawn is much longer than the attackers in this instance. You’re at a distinct disadvantage for this trade.

That said, it’s not always about what makes the most logical sense. Sometimes it’s about sending a message and terrifying your opponent out of the gate.