Dafran shows “genius” power of Lifeweaver with stunning Overwatch 2 Soldier 76 combo

dafran dominates with lifeweaverBlizzard

Former Overwatch League pro and farmer Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca showed just how uniquely deadly Lifeweaver is in the right hands when combined with certain heroes.

Lifeweaver’s launch in Overwatch 2 was met with mixed reactions at first, but the new support hero has slowly begun to earn respect thanks to a series of buffs and revamped default controls.

With the ability to save teammates from certain death when they’ve overextended and propel allies to deadly high-ground positions, the Thai character has blossomed into a potentially viable pick.

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During an unranked to GM Lifeweaver-only Twitch stream, Dafran was climbing up the Diamond tier when he found himself in a match on Eichenwalde where he got his creative juices flowing.

Dafran dominates Overwatch 2 lobby with creative Lifeweaver plays

With 90 seconds left to capture the objective and win the match, Dafran made good use of Lifeweaver’s Tree of Life on the payload for extra healing in the fight.

As the enemy team respawned in a last-ditch attempt to stop the attackers, the Danish streaming sensation used his Petal Platform to reach the chandeliers on the ceiling of the castle.

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At the same time, Dafran’s Soldier 76 ally popped his Tactical Visor ultimate and was promptly Lifegripped up to the chandelier to rain bullets down onto their adversaries.

The unique play was reminiscent of the iconic chandelier Bastion all the way back in the OWL Season 2 Grand Finals a few years ago.

To top things off, when the opposition Reinhardt landed a big Earthshatter onto Dafran’s team, the support was able to Lifegrip one away while and used another Petal Platform to save the other in route to victory.

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“Dude, insane game. Lifeweaver f**king genius!” he clapped after ranking up to Diamond 2.

It will be very fun to see all the new strategies players come up with for Lifeweaver in the weeks and months ahead, but even now as Dafran showed, there is a lot of potential with the game’s new support.

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