Overwatch Reinhardt sends teammate on a “ridiculous” boat trip

OW2 ReinhardtBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2’s Reinhardt tried to send Roadhog on a bit of a gondola vacation – but everything that could go wrong ended up happening.

Frequently, Overwatch players discover new tricks to help them in a tough match. They have recently tested out the new support Hero Lifeweaver and discovered his synergy with other characters. Specifically, players have toyed around with Lifeweaver’s Life Grip ability.

Instead of Lifeweaver, one person utilized the Tank Hero Reinhardt to push a Roadhog onto a boat. However, the situation goes awry as Reinhardt falls to his death.

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Overwatch 2 boat trip takes a quick left turn

Blizzard Entertainment

Reddit user 360-Shatter posted a short clip of a Reinhardt mishap on the Overwatch subreddit. The video depicts Reinhardt charging toward Roadhog to place the Tank onto the Rialto map’s gondola. However, Roadhoag escaped his unexpected boat trip, and Reinhardt fell into the water.

“I love the little Mario hops the Roadhog does at the end to safety,” CeeSerpent wrote. “Cherry on top of it all.”

One player pointed out how the Roadhog tried to save Reinhardt with his hook before the Hero died. If he managed to land the hook, who knows what would have happened next?

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“In an alternate universe, Hog hooked you and saved you on the boat and you guys went for a nice ride together,” Great-Ad3280 joked.

People in the comment section argued a skill issue ultimately caused the disastrous mistake. “Charging into a hog ult, missing two close-range firestrikes on the fattest hero in the game, and mistiming your ledge horribly and killing yourself,” SteveyMcweeny listed the player’s misplays.

While Overwatch users have complained about the consistency of Reinhardt’s charge, Roadhog will be the once to receive a rework sometime in the future. Lead Hero Designer Alec Dawson revealed that the adjustment would make the Tank less “selfish.”

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