Overwatch 2 pros torn on new Push game mode as players debate a 2CP return

Brad Norton
Overwatch 2 Push game mode

With the Overwatch 2 Beta now in full swing, pro players have had weeks of practice in the new Push game type. While the Assault (2CP) replacement was announced to much fanfare, a number of top players and streamers are now turning against it, with some arguing the former mode was actually better.

For the past six years, 2CP maps have been a key source of frustration for Overwatch players. Despite a number of updates, map changes, and even map removals in some cases, the mode often referred to as a ‘coin flip’ failed to improve.

As a result, Blizzard confirmed the controversial mode would be phased out with the launch of Overwatch 2. In its place came Push, a new game type with a single objective that teams fight to advance through a given map.

Now that the first Beta is upon us and the 2022 Overwatch League season has begun, players of all skill levels have had some hands-on time with the fresh mode. Though while plenty were excited heading in, select pro players and streamers alike have since turned on the new arrival.

Overwatch 2 Push gameplay
Push is the sole new game mode in Overwatch 2, replacing 2CP from the original game.

“After 2 weeks of playing the Beta and the Push mode, I have to say 2CP > Push. I said it,” Florida Mayhem streamer ‘Jay3’ argued on Twitter, kickstarting a heated debate across social media.

While many fans were quick to question his stance, others in the community chimed in to echo the sentiment. “[Facts], 2CP was fine, change my mind,” Houston Outlaws pro Danteh replied. 

Having now played his first Push match at the highest competitive level, a match that ended in a loss to the Toronto Defiant, Danteh doesn’t appear to be too fond of the latest game type.

“Game mode itself not bad,” former pro turned coach Caleb McGarvey chimed in. Instead, his issue stems from the “horrible maps” present at launch in the first Overwatch 2 Beta.

Naturally, this chatter continued across both Twitter and Reddit as players argued over the mode. For some, it’s already living up to expectations as a stellar replacement to the long-contentious 2CP.

“I actually really enjoy Push,” one player added to the conversation. “I like the fact that it always feels possible to come back and win. 2CP, more often than other game modes, felt unwinnable if you made one or two mistakes on defense.”

Others weren’t quite as sold, however, claiming the mode isn’t quite fit for competition in its current state.

“As of now, I do think 2CP is better,” another player explained on Reddit. “But Push has potential to be refined. A few slight reworks to the scoring system would be better,” they claimed.

So while the new mode has been a welcome addition for some, others believe 2CP is still superior. While the game type remains active in the original Overwatch for now, there’s no telling how long it may have left before Blizzard completely wipes all traces of the original game.

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