Overwatch 2 devs promise “significant overhaul” to competitive modes in future betas

Bill Cooney

Overwatch 2 devs revealed in their first update since the beta went live that they have plans for major changes to the game’s ranked mode in upcoming tests.

On May 3 Overwatch 2 devs put out their first blog since the start of the beta test. In it, they detailed where things would be headed for the sequel in the future.

They also touched on the future of competitive modes in Overwatch 2. Despite not being included in the first beta test, devs have big plans for ranked going forward.

Devs promise “significant overhaul” to Overwatch ranked

Overwatch 2 characters
The first Overwatch 2 Beta is live until Tuesday, May 17.

In the May 3 blog post, devs wrote that the first beta only included quick play for two reasons. The first is because they wanted to prioritize getting players into matches as quickly as possible.

Secondly, devs said they were “planning some significant overhauls of our core ranked and competitive mode systems,” but added these changes weren’t ready for public testing just yet.

However, devs didn’t mention what these changes to ranked could look like, whenever they end up happening. That being said though, they did say we’d see them appear in future betas. So, at least we can expect several more instances of beta testing before the Overwatch 2 updates finally go live.

Colosseo map in Overwatch 2
Overwatch 2 could be in beta for a while before seeing a full release.

In addition to changes for ranked competitive modes, devs also teased updates and reworks coming for Support heroes. The Support role has become even more crucial with the advent of 5v5, so it will be interesting to see what changes are made there as well.

If anything, this update just goes to show that Overwatch 2 is still very much a work in progress. There has been plenty of feedback given to devs so far, so here’s hoping they take some of it to heart for these ranked changes.

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