Overwatch 2 players are throwing Push matches by playing the objective

ow2 push game modeBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2’s Push game mode is actually punishing players who play the objective leading to lost games.

Since its release, Push has been a controversial game mode. While it replaced the hated 2CP maps, problems with its balance and importance in winning the first fight have caused much debate.

As it turns out, players who are engaging with the mode as the game asks are throwing in certain situations by giving the enemy team a chance to come back when they’re behind.

In a post on Reddit sparking discussion in the community, one user explained how pushing the robot when your team is ahead may not always be the best decision.

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Overwatch 2 Push gameplayBlizzard
Playing the objective can be a mistake in Push.

Overwatch 2 players warn not to Push when ahead

As ‘-KoDDeX-’ noted, when a team is ahead in Push and just wiped the enemy team with mere seconds left, it’s advised not to play the objective.

“All you are doing is pushing it towards the enemy spawn, giving them a better chance at another team fight,” they said. “Stay away, let the robot stand where it is and run out the clock. Hopefully, the other team won’t make it back for overtime.”

Many users went on to share their own experiences with Push and how certain players didn’t understand not to play the objective in this situation.

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“I wish it was easy to explain all this to my rando teammates in 10 seconds,” one sighed.

“I find it pretty amusing that in this mode, a lone player taking the objective can actually be considered throwing in certain situations,” another remarked.

Some players even documented how they won matches they shouldn’t have because their opponents helped them out inadvertently.

“It’s astounding how many I’ve games I’ve won because of people pushing the bot back for us to contest. I almost selfishly hope people don’t read this post,” a player commented.

As more and more players get used to the game mode, hopefully, this tactic becomes common practice and matches don’t end up being lost by mistake.

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