Overwatch 2 players want Bastion’s Configuration Tank ultimate to return

Bastion tank ultimate in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players are calling on the developers to scrap Bastion’s new Configuration Artillery ultimate and bring back his Configuration Tank from the first game.

Many Overwatch heroes had to be reworked for the sequel’s five-on-five gameplay and Bastion was no exception, seeing his entire kit revamped including his ultimate.

In the sequel, Bastion’s Configuration Artillery ultimate launches a bunch of blasts in a set area, but just like with Doomfist’s Meteor Strike, they’re quite easy to escape from unscathed.

As such, some players have begun demanding the devs make some adjustments to the ability and are urging Blizzard to consider giving him his Configuration Tank back.

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Bastion ultimate in Overwatch 2.Blizzard Entertainment
Bastion’s Configuration Artillery isn’t getting much love.

Blizzard urged to give Bastion back his OW1 Ultimate

In a post on Twitter, popular Overwatch streamer Samito suggested that the best way to “fix” the Omnic hero was to re-add his tank form.

“That ult was bad in Overwatch 1 but without two shields in the game and duels being important it actually would be a way better ult than Artillery Strike,” he argued.

Bastion’s old ultimate caused him to transform into a literal tank and fire shots that would deal a ton of damage upon impact and he could use the blasts to “rocket jump” into the air to access high ground locations.

“I think the skill expression with the ult was also cooler. People who knew how to rocket jump did some really cool stuff,” a player replied.

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While others liked the idea, but some went as far as suggesting he keep the Configuration Artillery as a second ultimate that would be selected, similar to how Symmetra used to have Teleporter and Shield Generator.

“It would actually work considering Bastion’s whole gimmick is transforming into different formations,” someone said.

OW2 devs comment on Bastion’s Ultimate issues

Although there are no plans currently to bring back the ultimate, Lead Hero Designer Alec Dawson said on Twitter that additional tweaks to the ability are in the works.

Dawson revealed that even when a recent bug made it more powerful than it should be, players still struggled to get kills with it.

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“We want to shorten the window before the projectile drops so players can feel more effective during Configuration Artillery,” he revealed.

We’ll have to wait and see if these planned changes are enough to make Bastion’s ultimate more viable, but if they don’t end up doing the trick, it may be time to bring back the tank mode.