Overwatch 2 devs clarify how Bastion’s powerful new Ultimate actually works

Bastion ultimateBlizzard

Bastion’s rework in Overwatch 2 is one of the more significant overhauls we’ve seen thus far, and to explain just how the new Ultimate ability works, Blizzard provided some additional insight two days after the reveal went live.

Overwatch 2 might still be a ways off, but Blizzard is continuing to drip-feed new intel in the lead-up to launch. Most recently, two popular DPS heroes were unveiled for the highly anticipated sequel, with some extreme changes now in effect.

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Reworks for both Sombra and Bastion were revealed as part of the 2021 Overwatch League Grand Finals broadcast. While there were some positive takeaways from the event, some were left scratching their heads at the new hero changes.

In particular, Bastion now has a whole set of new functions ranging from deadly abilities to a completely unique Artillery ultimate. Not letting fans ponder for too long, devs took to the Blizzard forums on September 28 to clarify how the Omnic works in Overwatch 2.

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First up, how exactly does this new Artillery strike come into play? Rather than transforming Bastion into a siege tank, the fresh rework now changes Bastion into an artillery weapon.

Aiming to the sky, Bastion can rain down three missile strikes on three separate areas in quick succession. 

Questioning just how effective this ability is, one player asked how this Ult works with ceilings. “Does it just ignore them? Can targets not take cover in a room?”

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Blizzard replied by comparing the new Artillery Ult with that of Doomfist’s Meteor Strike. Both “ignore ceilings.” Therefore, stepping under a roof in a nearby room “may not provide safe cover,” the devs explained.

Bastion reworkBlizzard
Bastion’s full rework completely alters the hero in Overwatch 2.

No different from Doomfist’s Ult, the new Bastion effect does highlight an area on the ground with each strike. This gives you a brief window to get out of harm’s way.

Though if three missiles come crashing down in close proximity, there might be nowhere for you to hide. Even nearby rooms may not help you against Bastion’s upgraded kit.

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