Overwatch 2 bug turns Bastion mortar ult into a Call of Duty killstreak

Bastion ultimate in Overwatch 2.Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players have encountered a bug that transforms Bastion’s mortar style ultimate into a full on Call of Duty killstreak and it’s almost impossible to escape.

There are a ton of gameplay changes when comparing Overwatch 2 to its predecessor, but for Bastion mains, none of them are as important as the change to his ultimate ability.

Instead of the roaming grenade launcher of yore, he now unleashes terror from up above by raining down bombs on the opposition. While this update is only supposed to allow the moving turret to drop a few explosives, there’s a bug that’s making the attack take on a whole new level of lethality.

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Overwatch 2 bug turns Bastion’s ult into an unescapable bombing run

Multiple clips of this issue have surfaced across the internet, but this one from former pro player Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned fully encapsulates how difficult it is to get away from the incoming sky strike.

Despite dashing his way through an impressive amount of the map, he still gets caught out in the dreaded red circles that show where the next bomb will be landing.

The first hit lands on the payload but the hits don’t stop until they reach Larned’s Zenyatta who has already retreated as far away as he possibly could have.

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In the clip, the ex-Dallas Fuel member shouts “he’s doing it again!” as he attempts to get away, which should give everyone a good idea of just how scary this move can be.

These kinds of bugs don’t typically have a long shelf-life and Blizzard will likely have it patched out of the game in short order, but for now, anyone who’s looking to take on the Competitive ladder should be wary of any Bastions that load in on the opposite side.

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