Overwatch 2 players spot Neon Genesis Evangelion references in new Season 6 skins

Jeremy Gan
Unit-02 in Evangelion

Overwatch 2 players have spotted Neon Genesis Evangelion references in the new Season 6 Battle Pass skins as Blizzard references the legendary anime once more. 

Overwatch2’s devs have always been quite open about their love for anime. From the One Punch Man collaboration to the devs wanting to do Dragon Ball Z and Naruto collabs next, and the plethora of anime voice line references already, it’s clearly no secret.

And with Season 6 delivering one of Overwatch 2’s largest content drops to date, there was bound to be an anime reference or two which the devs snuck in. 

This is what players spotted shortly after they got access to Season 6’s battle pass on August 10, as the devs seemed to have slipped in a cheeky Neon Genesis Evangelion reference. 

In the new Season 6 battle pass, fans noticed that a few of the new Ominic-themed skins, which see human characters turned into Omnics, may have references to Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Overwatch 2 Season 6 battle pass skins include Neon Genesis Evangelion references

As a user on the Overwatch subreddit pointed out, the new Pharah skin, P-900 Warhead, looks like it takes heavy inspiration from an Evangelion from the show, Unit-02. With its near-matching color theme and four eyes.

Additionally, Symmetra’s battle pass skin, S-900 Sentry, seems to be an even more faithful reference to the show as it sees Symmetra don the iconic colors of Unit-01 with its iconic bright purple and green theming. 

Some players speculated that one of the customization options for Ana’s Mythic skin, A-7000 Wargod, may also be a reference to the Evangelion Unit-00. However, the colors aren’t a direct match. 

This is not the first Neon Genesis Evangelion reference in Overwatch, or for Blizzard on the whole. The Moira sticker, “plotting”, makes reference to Gendo Ikari’s sinister pose from the show. 

Additionally, in Heroes of the Storm, both D.VA and Genji each have a skin that directly references Neon Genesis Evangelion, which even dons D.VA in Asuka’s iconic plugsuit.

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