Overwatch 2 fan video has players begging for Mythic skin feature

Patrick Dane
Tracer mythic skin season 5

An animator who makes Overwatch-inspired creations has made a concept video showing custom animations for Mythic skins. 

Mythic skins are a nice addition to Overwatch 2. Every season we get a new, customizable skin for one hero based on a broader theme. While they perhaps aren’t quite as modular as some might like, they offer a nice reward for completing the battle pass, and let you make a couple of choices to find the configuration you like the most. 

So far we’ve had Genji, Junker Queen, Kiriko, Sigma, and Tracer skins across the game’s five seasons, each being wildly different, but giving players some permutation to play with. They also have some nice touches, such as Genji’s voice being modulated across all his lines on his cyber-punk Mythic skin to be more robotic and mysterious.

However, one Overwatch creator has mocked up some new designs that would expand on the Mythic skin idea, pushing it even further. 

Here’s what Mythic Skins animations could look like

Animator PJ Rascals, who is known for doing elaborate map and animation redesigns for Overwatch, has put out a video showcasing the concept of unique animations for mythic skins. 

In the video there are concepts for all five Mythic skins thus far, playing into the theme of each. Genji’s shurikens pop out as he catches them, Sigma’s shield comes back to his wrist, and Junker Queen calls her ammo from the sky as Zeus. Tracer’s Recall is particularly impressive as she returns to her previous spot by flicking a planar lens. 

PJ Rascals posted it to Twitter, where it garnered over 5000 RTs. You can check it out here:

While these all look great, they are quite elaborate. Overwatch has come under fire for its visual clutter in the past, so the experience of playing with these might be a little much, as Shirukens or blue gemstones pop up in the middle of your screen. 

Still, this is a great bit of flourish to these skins that would be great to see, at least with iteration on the idea. Making Mythic skins even more special is a great concept and it seems the community is hungry for this kind of expansion. 

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