Overwatch 2 devs want to do Dragon Ball Z and Naruto collabs next

OW2 Dragon Ball ZBlizzard / Epic Games / Bandai Namco

Overwatch 2 devs have revealed their dream collabs with Dragon Ball Z and Naruto topping the list following the One Punch Man crossover just revealed for Season 3.

Overwatch 2 just announced its first-ever collaboration with popular anime series One Punch Man which will be coming in the Season 3 update. Doomfist will be donning Saitama’s classic yellow and red costume. It’s only fitting as the then DPS, now Tank hero, had numerous One Punch Man references upon his release and obviously, he packs one hell of a punch too.

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The collaboration not only includes a skin release, but a Seasonal Event as well. 

In an interview with Comicbook.com regarding the game’s first-ever collaboration, Overwatch 2’s Art Director Dion Rogers and Vice President Jon Spector were asked what other dream collabs they would love to add following the One Punch Man promotion. 

Rogers answered Dragon Ball Z after some deliberation. Spector answered Naruto as he grew up watching the show, but he did point out various problems with these potential collaborations.

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“I think my answer to that is Naruto, except it has sort of been done a lot,” he said. He pointed out it would be tricky for them to tackle it in a way that fits Overwatch and would be exciting for players. 

Of course, the VP is referring to Fortnite’s collaborations with both Dragon Ball Z and Naruto, of which in a Game Informer interview he has previously complimented their ability to bring various intellectual properties together. 

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In fact, Spector even teased the eventual collaboration in the interview, where he said Overwatch was “interested in exploring” crossovers for the game, and sure enough, we just got it. 

The One Punch Man collaboration may be the first of its kind in Overwatch, but is most likely not going to be the last. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for further crossover skins in the near future.

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