Overwatch 2 players call Blizzard out for “scummy” skin prices

Michelle Cornelia
kiriko in overwatch 2 crossover

Overwatch 2 players erupt over the game’s current pricing on skins, claiming they’re tailored for only a certain audience.

Overwatch 2‘s skin prices have been a well-known topic for quite a while, with players having shared their complaints about full-priced legendary Junkrat skin with only a hat added. Or the Lilith Moira skin being locked in a $40 Battle Pass bundle in the past.

However, as the game approaches its second year, it’s clear players are still dissatisfied with the game’s current pricing on cosmetics. 

It all started on a Reddit thread. A player poured out their frustrations about how it feels “scummy” to see the way skins are priced. Claiming they’re tailored to players who are “willing to spend hundreds of dollars on cosmetics without a second thought.”

The user proceeded to explain that $20 for a skin is “just too much.” Leaving them to come to terms with the fact these skins are not made for them to “enjoy.”

A lot of players agreed with the OP in the comments. While some of them couldn’t help but bring up skin prices in other games.

“Absolutely, I agree. I post about this sometimes, and people are always defending OW, saying Valorant and other games are more expensive. THEY SHOULDN’T BE. This is an industry problem,” one person wrote.

“The fact that they’re selling plain recolours at $20 of skins that were free in OW1 is absolutely insane,” mentioned another.

One user also wrote in the replies that collecting skins made them love the game. Going on to claim it was more accessible in Overwatch one. “Even when there was some released you had to buy I could normally get up $10 every once in a while for a skin,” they explained.

overwatch 2 sigma skin season 9

“$20 (for a skin) I just can’t do it though.” They claimed. “I don’t even feel right getting a $20 skin occasionally (like I would do the $10 ones) since money is tight right now.” 

“All I can think is hey, that 20 could be used for a bag of cat or dog food or some groceries I might need instead.” They also mentioned wanting the Heartbreaker Reaper skin so bad, but couldn’t see themselves “paying that much for it.”

At this point, some players are convinced Blizzard has done “studies” to maximize profit by selling skins at certain prices.

One person explained: “These companies have economists working full-time on analyzing monetization, and the blunt truth is that halving the cost of skins does not lead to a doubling of sales.”