Overwatch players call out Blizzard for not banning “disgusting” groups

Lauren Bergin. Last updated: Dec 28, 2021
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Overwatch’s group system allows people to team up with new players, but an influx of inappropriate names for these groups, many of which appear to go unpunished, have led fans to call for action from Blizzard.

In Overwatch, the phrase “you get by with a little help from your friends” rings true. A well-rounded composition and good communication are key to netting you some wins.

While you can always just play with friends you already know, the game’s group finder allows players to jump into a game with people they’ve never met before and, in turn, chat to a different crowd.

Unfortunately, the names of some of these groups are often very rude, and despite consistently reporting them to Blizzard, no action appears to be taken to combat the issue.

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Overwatch is a team game, but some of these group names have left players unimpressed.

Overwatch fans want Blizzard to remove group names

When looking for a group, a list of different names will appear, alongside the group’s creator and further information about the squad’s members.

The groups’ name, however, is at the mercy of its creator, meaning that players can call their team whatever they want to. While Blizzard is clear that slurs and inappropriate content aren’t allowed, this doesn’t stop players trying to push their luck.

One disappointed player has posted an example of one of these groups on the game’s official subreddit, writing that they “reported this every day for the past eight days.” The group in question’s name alludes to an older man looking for younger women, going on to promote his Snapchat.

Given the cartoon nature of Overwatch, a not insignificant number of the player base are young, making groups like this particularly problematic.”THIS is what 13-year olds gifted Overwatch will see when they log in,” exclaimed the poster, “please fix this immediately, Blizzard.”

Other players were similarly, disappointed, but not surprised, calling the issue “disgusting.”

Irritation has quickly switched to Blizzard’s lack of action, with one fan stating “Blizzard’s always been the worst company at dealing with reports. I’m tired of reporting homophobia or racism during matches only to receive no response at all.”

Also making reference to the ongoing lawsuit against the company for fostering a “pervasive frat boy culture” within the work environment, they conclude “I would understand why they don’t care for this type of comment.”

Hopefully, Blizzard will bring down the ban hammer sooner rather than later, but until then all players can do is report these groups and cross their fingers.