Overwatch 2 players mock Blizzard over “all out” holiday gift

Liam Ho
Winston from Overwatch 2 in Christmas Skin

Overwatch 2 players have mocked Blizzard over their free holiday gift handed out to the community, mockingly stating the devs really went “all out”.

The festive season is well and truly underway. With Christmas only a few sleeps away, the gaming landscape has truly become a Winter Wonderland, with many games hosting events to celebrate the season. These events often come with new or returning game modes, holiday-inspired skins, and other cosmetics as a form of goodwill to the dedicated player base.

Blizzard’s hero shooter Overwatch 2 has also been celebrating the holiday by re-introducing Winter Wonderland. Like in previous years, the event brings back limited-time modes and skins to reign in the good times.

Similar to previous years as well, Blizzard has handed players a holiday gift to spread good cheer. Back in Overwatch 1, this came in the form of Christmas loot boxes, with the potential of receiving fantastical legendary skins and much more. Now in Overwatch 2, players are mocking Blizzard’s attempt for a holiday gift.

OW2 players tease devs over free holiday weapon charm

Players have sarcastically thanked Blizzard for the wonderful free weapon charm handed out by the devs. The Redditor sarcastically posted that the Overwatch team had really gone “all out”.

Other players also mocked the developers for the weapon charm, using the classic “you shouldn’t have” line.

“A free weapon charm?? Awwwhh blizzard u shouldn’t have” a user joked.

“No, seriously, you shouldn’t have.” others agreed.

While some teased the devs for their present, others spoke about how they miss the loot boxes of the prequel, wanting them back.

“I miss my 5 free loot boxes.” one player cried.

OW2 Illari Skin
Players may have received legendary skins like this one in the free Christmas loot boxes handed out in Overwatch 1.

Unfortunately with loot boxes being completely removed and the game moving to a battle pass system, it’s unlikely players of old will ever see their beloved Christmas presents once more. At least they’ve got a weapon charm to tide them over in the meantime.