Overwatch 2 players lash out at Blizzard for reusing old asset in Season 6 battle pass

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Overwatch 2 players have lashed out at Blizzard for reusing a previous Overwatch 1 spray as unlockable content in the new Season 6 battle pass.

Season 6 of Blizzard’s hero shooter Overwatch 2 has officially launched to live servers. The new season brings about the first-ever PvE story missions to the sequel, as well as the new support hero Illari. As per usual, Blizzard is offering a battle pass to keep players engaged throughout the season, which rewards players with cosmetics including skins, emotes, victory poses, and more.

The theme of the Season 6 battle pass ties in with the overarching theme of the season. The Omnic invasion has finally arrived, and the cosmetics reflect that with Omnic versions of heroes’ skins and other imagery of Null Sector, the enemy faction for the event.

Unfortunately, it seems players are not too happy with some of the cosmetics in the Season 6 battle pass and have lashed out at Blizzard for one particular “reused” asset.

Overwatch 2 players notice “reused” spray from Overwatch 1 event in Season 6 battle pass

Veteran Overwatch players have noticed that a spray featured on the Season 6 battle pass looks incredibly similar to a spray given out in an event back in Overwatch 1. The Null Sector spray was handed out to Overwatch 1 players who participated in the Overwatch Uprising event but is now being featured in the battle pass with some minor changes.

Many players were quick to criticize Blizzard for the reuse, especially with the excitement surrounding Season 6 as a marquee content drop for the year.

“Man even for their biggest season yet, they’re throwing rehashed trash in the BP? There’s just a complete lack of critical thinking and competence at Blizz,” one player complained.

Another veteran player wished good luck upon the new ones, suggesting Blizzard has spent all their generosity already.

“Hey, I have that spray. Haven’t played Overwatch in three years, nor have I spent any money on it. [Good luck] new players, Blizzard spent all their generosity on me,” they touted.

Another player criticized the free path for this battle pass as one of the worst in a while, analyzing the rewards given to players.

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With Season 6 of Overwatch 2 only just launching, it seems Blizzard may have their work cut out for them if they want to keep the players in their good graces for the remainder of the time. In fact, negative reviews are already piling up mere hours after the game made its way onto Steam.

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