Overwatch 2 Summer Games 2023 event: Season 5 release, Lucioball, skins, more


Summer Games is back for 2023 in Overwatch 2 and here is all you need to know about its release date, game modes, skins, and more. 

During the transition from Overwatch 1 to Overwatch 2, quite a fair few annual events were missing in the beginning as the devs were preoccupied with the release of the sequel. 

However, now that Overwatch is in a much stabler state, it seems the devs have seen fit to announce the return of the fan-favorite Summer Games in the upcoming Season 5 of Overwatch 2. 

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So here is all you need to know about the return of the event as the Summer Games comes back into focus.

Overwatch 2 Summer Games 2023 event: Start and end dates

There has been no official confirmation of when the Summer Games 2023 will start just yet. However, based on previous release dates, which usually land in mid-July to early August, we can say it would start in the mid-season patch for Season 5. 

Season 5 is slated to come in on Tuesday, June 13, going by the current Battle Pass expiry date, and Blizzard has another event planned for Season 5, Questwatch. 

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So it’s likely Summer Games 2023 will come out around early-August to let it run for the second half of Season 5. 

Summer Games 2023: Lucioball

Whenever Summer Games would roll around in Overwatch, one of the most hyped aspects of it was always the event exclusive game mode, Lucioball. 

The event is essentially Rocket League, but with Lucio instead of cars. The game mode has largely stayed the same throughout Overwatch’s existence. Although, in 2020 they did do a different version of Lucioball, called Lucioball remix. 

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The fan-favorite game mode will most likely come out in this year’s iteration of the Summer Games. But there’s no predicting what sort of curveball the devs have cooking up for 2023’s version. 

Summer Games 2023: Cosmetics

With every event in Overwatch comes a slew of cosmetics to go along with it. And every Summer Games is no different. 

We don’t have any official look into what this year’s skins and cosmetics will look like, however, but there are themes that always go across all the year’s iterations.

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From beach-themed skins which put beloved heroes in swimsuits, to dressing Doomfist up in a Taekwondo Dobok, we should expect this year’s skins to follow suit. 

And that is all we know of 2023’s version of the Summer Games. We are still quite a while away from it, so we will update you here when we get more information. 

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