Overwatch 2 devs use 2 year old trailer animation as Season 9 battle pass reward

Liam Ho
Rammatra trailer OW2

Overwatch 2 devs have used a 2-year-old trailer animation as a highlight intro reward for Rammatra in Season 9’s Battle Pass.

Season 9 of Overwatch 2 has just begun. Overwatch 2: Champions has brought a heap of changes to the hero shooter, including massive overhauls to hero health and healing, along with a rework to competitive play. Ranked has a completely new, more transparent system now, with a soft rank reset incentivizing players to hop back in.

On top of that, all heroes received health changes, making them slightly tankier, this is counteracted by the new DPS passive which reduces healing when dealing damage. This has completely shifted the balance of the game, forcing players to adapt to the new sandbox.

Alongside the various changes made in-game, Season 9 also brought the usual accompaniments of a battle pass and skins. While these cosmetics are normally fantastic, players have noticed the reuse of an old trailer animation for a new highlight intro.

Overwatch 2 players have noticed that the new Capability highlight intro for Rammatra is the same animation used in their reveal trailer back in 2022.

As shown on Reddit, Capability has Rammatra put up his shield, turn behind him, and throw his Vortex. This is incredibly similar to his reveal trailer released back in December of 2022, causing some discussion within the community.

For the most part, players don’t seem to mind the repurposing of emotes and assets from other parts of the game.

“There’s a lot of reused stuff. There is a Soldier 76 victory pose that is literally just his sitting animation,” one user added.

“Same goes for Illari’s sitting emote,” another chimed in.

Whilst the player base is somewhat fine with Blizzard repurposing, some do find it concerning the animation is from a 2-year-old trailer, with select players implying the devs haven’t worked on anything else for Rammatra in that time.

“It’s cool they’re repurposing stuff but considering Ram came out in season 2 and they seemingly haven’t made any new stuff for him that’s kinda concerning.”

It’s not certain if Blizzard has any plans to revamp the battle pass system soon, but with the amount of repurposing, it does have some players concerned about the future of the monetization system.

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