Overwatch 2 players demand changes to Lifeweaver’s “dumb” Parting Gift passive

Michael Gwilliam
Lifeweaver in overwatch 2

Lifeweaver’s debut as the new Overwatch 2 support hero has left the community underwhelmed so far and players are hoping for changes to one very odd part of his kit.

As players await buffs to Lifeweaver including upcoming modifications to his clunky controls, Overwatch 2 fans have found something else about his kit they want to be adjusted.

Lifeweaver’s passive ability Parting Gift is the first of its kind in Overwatch. When dying, the support will drop a “gift” that can be picked up by enemies or allies when picked up.

Although it will heal teammates for quite a bit more than foes, players aren’t very fond of healing opponents after dying and have some ideas to improve the passive.

Overwatch 2 players sick of Lifeweaver helping opponents

In a post on Reddit that’s gaining traction on the site, players pushed for Blizzard to take a look at Lifeweaver’s Parting Gift.

“Lifeweaver passive is dumb,” a user wrote. “I mean it literally rewards aggressors for focusing you, you already can’t defend yourself that well. Free health pack for the enemies.”

overwatch 2 lifeweaver healing
Players aren’t too fond of Lifeweaver so far.

The player went on to suggest that instead of dropping a flower, the petals on his back could fly off and heal allies for a little bit of extra HP.

“His passive should have been abilities that touch teammates grant them some passive healing for a short duration,” another suggested.

Others agreed that the passive was unfun, especially with how it benefits some heroes who counter Lifeweaver and his “gigantic” hitbox with relative ease.

“Sombra’s gonna be ever solo hunting this character and never need to split for a health pack,” someone replied.

Overwatch 2 Sombra changes
Sombra can easily dominate Lifeweaver.

“He might as well not even have a passive at all, even teammates don’t care about the petal he drops. It literally only rewards the enemy team,” remarked another upset player.

Although Blizzard has yet to make a comment about Parting Gift, a fairly simple fix the devs could implement would be making it so that Parting Gift only heals allies.

With changes to the hero in the works, hopefully, we won’t have to wait long to see how the developers decide to help the new support blossom into a better hero, especially with his powerful kit.

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