Overwatch 2 players are already worried about “clunky” Lifeweaver controls

lifeweaver in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Lifeweaver will arrive in Overwatch 2 in Season 4 and players have already raised concerns over his “clunky” ability controls.

Overwatch 2 continues to diversify its pool of characters, and in Season 4, Lifeweaver joins the party as another Support hero that brings a high level of utility to the party.

Sporting a kit that focuses on bailing teammates out of bad situations and disrupting the enemy team’s plans, Lifeweaver could create his own unique space in the meta. If players can look past the problems they’re finding in his controls, that is.

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Overwatch 2 fans call for Lifeweaver rework before release

The big talking point stems from Lifeweaver’s keybinds, which some have already deemed irritating thanks to their deviation from familiar Overwatch formulas.

Similar to Mercy, the new healer has two weapon options. Healing Blossom is a chargeable ability that restores large chunks of health as the name suggests, and Thorn Volley is an SMG-like weapon that is meant to bring pain.

Players will need to switch back and forth between them often, so the buttons being intuitive is important to get the most out of him. As it stands though, many aren’t happy with how that mechanic feels ahead of launch.

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“Have you thought about changing his keybinds at all?” OW fan Zenofy asked Game Director Aaron Keller. “Making his dash work like Hanzo’s leap could potentially free up space to have his Healing on right click and thorns on left. Life grip on E and petal on shift?”

Others flocked to ask for the same change, along with suggestions for swappable controls between the current setup and the proposed Hanzo-inspired changes.

One controller player also suggested that a “secondary keybind” system could solve this problem on console, proposing that simultaneously pressing R2/RT and L2/LT at the same time would be a more practical way to handle things.

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Given that a day-one buff for Lifeweaver has already been announced, it seems likely that the dev team will still be making tweaks in the days to come, and the feedback will only be amplified when the public gets their hands on him on April 11.

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