Overwatch 2 players criticize $20 cardboard Reinhardt skin following PvE cancellation

angry winston in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2’s PvE controversy has been exacerbated thanks to the new cardboard Reinhardt skin. The price tag of the cosmetic has left many players angry, especially given the recent news about PvE cancellation plans.

The recent Overwatch 2 discourse has pretty much been about one thing and one thing only – the PvE cancelation announcement. After a long wait, Overwatch fans were extremely disappointed when Blizzard decided to cancel the PvE Hero missions amongst other things associated with the scheduled content.

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In response, loyal fans have accused the company of lying about PvE plans and are also “sick of fake apologies.” This leads us to a new skin in the game -a new cardboard Reinhardt skin. While some players have actually praised the unique sound and design of the cosmetic, it’s also had a vocal knock-on effect to do with PvE.

Cardboard Reinhardt skin sparks the ire of Overwatch 2 players

A couple of posts on the Overwatch 2 subreddit appear to have enraged players even further following the PvE fallout. They both show off the new Reinhardt cardboard box skin – it’s quite literally the giant Tank character covered from head-to-toe in cardboard boxes.

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Some kind words were shared in regard to its look and the added detail of cardboard-like sound effects when moving around in the skin. However, more users zoned in on the fact that Blizzard’s resources have been used on this instead of PvE.

“So this what they were using all that time for instead of making PVE,” said one disgruntled player and another one added: “Why put out the standard $20 game expansion DLC when we can convince people to pay that full price for one skin!”

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It’s not just the idea of the required manpower to produce this that’s triggered players though. The costume’s price tag has also raised some questions in another Reddit post.

“This is just another attempt to get your hard-earned money by blizzard. Overwatch 2 was a scam from the get go,” offered one commenter, and another said: “$20 for a piece of digital cardboard. Blizzard is literally laughing at us.

Whatever your thoughts on the skin, the majority of comments across both posts are almost universal in their disapproval of both the cost and timing of its release – given the PvE drama.

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It’s not just Reinhardt that’s taken the brunt of the community’s anger either. Players have also discovered that a Mercy skin is actually more expensive due to it being advertised in the shop.

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