Overwatch 2 player claims Mercy skin became “more expensive” due to it being in the shop

Mercy in Overwatch ArtBlizzard

An Overwatch 2 player has noticed that the price of the Devil Mercy skin has jumped up significantly, suspecting the new bundle in the shop as the reason.

Overwatch 2 brought about some major changes for Blizzard’s hero shooter. Not only did we see the introduction of new maps, modes, and heroes, but we also saw a shift in the developers’ approach to monetization. Instead of the previous one-time payment plus in-game micro-transactions, the game would go free to play, hosting a battle pass and shop for players to spend credits on.

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This shop would be the cause of a fair few controversies for Blizzard, with many players complaining about the pricing of certain items. Certain items such as charms in the game ended up costing a hefty margin, with some being more expensive than their real-life counterparts.

However, there may be a new issue coming to the Overwatch shop. An Overwatch 2 player has discovered that the Devil Mercy skin has increased in price after a recent shop rotation. They believe that the new Mercy’s Doctor Bundle is the cause of this.

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Overwatch 2 player believes Blizzard increased price of Mercy skin due to new bundle

According to the post, Devil Mercy used to cost around 1000 Overwatch credits. With the most recent shop rotation, that price has increased to 1500 Overwatch credits.

Commenters were quick to reveal what they believed was the reasoning behind this price hike.

“Yea cause they need to have the individual items cost more to legally call it a “sale” in the shop, they got sued over not having the individual items available at start of ow2” a user stated.

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Other Redditors expressed their disappointment at Blizzard for this change.

“Oh that’s f***king scummy.” one user claimed.

Some users even mocked the game’s title, calling it “Scammerwatch”.

Whilst Blizzard has not yet claimed the reasoning behind this mysterious price shift, many players are frustrated at the company for subtly changing skin prices.

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