Overwatch 2 player creates “cinematic masterpiece” with tragic Tracer ult

Cassidy Stephenson
OW2 Tracer

An Overwatch 2 player cracked their knuckles at film production with their dramatic video starring Tracer’s Ultimate.

In 2016, Overwatch’s Tracer appeared as one of the available 21 Heroes at the time. She also took on the role of Overwatch’s poster girl. That combined with her fast-moving and risky playstyle has made her an incredibly popular pick, even in Overwatch 2.

Among the Damage Hero’s abilities, Tracer’s Pulse Bomb Ultimate has become a favorite among Overwatch players. It has the ability to turn a fight in an instant and, combined with Tracer’s high mobility, she can drop the bomb and get out without a trace.

Holding on to dear life, this Tracer snuck in her ult – an ult which one player transformed into a clip that mimics big-budget Hollywood movies.

Overwatch 2 player produces cinematic Tracer trailer

overwatch 2 tracer voice line

Reddit user drewhead118 posted a beautiful Hollywood-style video on the Overwatch subreddit. The cinematic trailer featured Tracer using her Ultimate at low health then switched to a slo-mo format for dramatic effect. With Star Trek music playing in the background, drewhead118 also included Ana’s hat flying off in utter shock.

“THE FLYING HAT AT THE END HELP ME,” NationalContract360 wrote.

“This is a cinematic masterpiece,” AlphaBoy15 remarked about the video’s quality.

“You’d think the map was Hollywood with this level of directing,” Heliocean added.

For more content ideas, thisnotfor suggested a dirty play, “I always love to invis next to Lifeweaver and wait for him to pull a teammate whos low for me to kill.”

Since the launch of Season 4, Overwatch players have discovered game-changing combinations with Lifeweaver. The fantastic plays include the floral healer using his Life Grip ability alongside Orisa’s Ultimate Terra Surge.

On the other hand, Lifeweaver’s Life Grip has caused some problems for Overwatch players. To find out how one player’s terrible timing caused a loss, check out our article about the unfortunate misplay.