Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver player’s horrible timing costs team a win

Cassidy Stephenson
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A unlucky Overwatch 2 player likely uninstalled the game after his Lifeweaver misplay caused their team to lose the match.

With the launch of Season 4, Overwatch 2 added another Support Hero to the growing roster – Lifeweaver. Quickly following his release, some players complained about the healer’s clunky controls and annoying passive ability.

Consequently, the devs solved the weapon-switching issue and removed his passive in an April 25 patch.

Despite the rework, some users are still adjusting to Lifeweaver’s playstyle. In addition to his primary and secondary fire, people must correctly time his Petal Platforms and Life Grip ability. Here’s how one player pulled away from his teammate, resulting in their loss.

overwatch 2 lifeweaver healing

Overwatch 2 player’s Lifeweaver misplay ruins the match

On the Overwatch subreddit, Reddit user KipSqueek shared the absolute tragedy the player witnessed in the Push game mode. The clip depicts a team fiercely battling in overtime – but a Lifeweaver quickly solves the tie with his Life Grip ability.

The healer pulled his teammate away from the robot to save them. However, this seemingly caring act caused the other team to win.

“I’ve had this happen to me twice already,” Dvoraxx wrote. “Trying to touch in overtime, and LW decides I am out of position and pulls me back.”

“That looked like an honest mistake,” Nerakus claimed. “That Orisa was going down and the fight would have been over then. Gotta save the tanks if you want any chance these days.”

“My experience for playing Lifeweaver, always think twice before doing a pull, and if you’re hesitant, just don’t do it,” RrrrrrushB suggested.

Despite Lifeweaver losing his team the match, players have discovered incredible plays while using the floral Support Hero. For example, an Overwatch duo found out that Lifeweaver can basically slingshot a fully-charged Orisa ult for a devastating move.

Stay tuned for any other incredible Lifeweaver combos.

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