Overwatch 2 dev reveals hidden Tracer nerf in newest patch

Carver Fisher
Hidden Tracer nerfs Overwatch 2

In a Twitter post detailing a Tracer change, an Overwatch 2 developer revealed that a change to the VFX on her dash makes it much easier to track the speedster at close range.

Traditionally, buffs and nerfs are easily quantifiable in Overwatch 2. They tend to be slight tweaks to numbers, the addition or removal of mechanics or interactions, and other things of that nature that can easily be tracked and communicated to the player.

However, some nerfs come in the form of small changes to the ways characters function. An Overwatch 2 developer revealed that Tracer got a major “quality of life” change in the most recent patch.

While it is just a visual change to the way her dash is read by players, even the developer admitted that the change may be “divisive” amongst players.

Tracer gets small yet impactful nerf on newest Overwatch 2 patch

Tracer relies almost solely on her high mobility to keep her alive. She has the smallest health pool in the game at 150 and is extremely fragile, yet she’s also very effective in the hands of a good player.

It doesn’t matter how little health she has if she’s impossible to hit, dashing around firefights and making her opponent’s head spin. The Overwatch devs have noticed this and, while they’re happy Tracer is effective when played well, they also thought it may be too difficult to read where she’s going.

So, Tracer’s VFX were changed to create clear, distinct trail that shows exactly where she’s travelling. This is, without a doubt, a nerf to the hero.

While Tracer wasn’t too difficult to track from afar, she was almost impossible to trace at close ranges. Players being required to turn so quickly at such drastic angles makes it difficult to keep her in your sights.

The act of turning quickly and keeping your aim trained on Tracer will still be a challenge, but players will now have a much better idea of where she’s headed. This small change could have a big impact in matches.

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