“Hot” Overwatch 2 hero ability leaves players to swoon

Michelle Cornelia
A screenshot featuring a blurred character with Kiriko smiling in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 features a wide range of heroes players can pick up and play, but according to some players, one of them has a “hot” ability.

Much like other competitive games, Overwatch 2 has its own share of frustrating things that can happen in the game. One prominent example is a tank that keeps charging off and never looking back, leaving the whole team to get flanked.

And let’s not forget toxic players who attempt to solo dive the enemy team yet end up on the kill feed, only to blame supports for “not healing” them. While these are bound to happen, Overwatch 2 has one character that seems to be specifically designed to alleviate these kinds of issues: Lifeweaver.

What makes Lifeweaver so special as a support is having the ability to pull a teammate to safety. Apparently, according to some Overwatch 2 players, this ability feels “hot.”

“Anyone else think it’s kinda hot to be Life Gripped?” asked one person in a Reddit thread, explaining that they feel like “a delicate lil cutie” when a Lifeweaver pulls them with Life Grip, going on to ask if others feel the same way.

The majority of players agreed with OP in the comments, claiming that it gives them “flutters” and that being saved by Lifeweaver is the “best feeling.”

One person wrote; “Unironically yes. Idk why but every teammate I’ve had that plays LW [Lifeweaver] well I just assumed is a very hot guy and I’m immediately simping.”

“It feels like a Kdrama scene, the guy catches you while you fall type of a thing,” mentioned another.

Others were also mesmerized by his voice lines after using his Life Grip ability. One user explained, “He has a voice line when he pulls you in that makes it that much better. I’m like -hair flip- yes daddy… such a weird feeling to get out of nowhere playing a video game, but I don’t think I care.”

Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2

“‘You’re better off with me.’ Me: twirls hair and kicks feet hehe ok,” one chimed in, referring to one of his voice lines after pulling a teammate.

Despite some players appreciating Life Grip that can come in clutch, some players were reminded that it could become a “blood boiling” experience

One person said it’s all “fun and games” until they get gripped out of the enemy team before they can drop their D.Va bomb, while another admitted to getting pulled every time they attempted to use Earthshatter. These grieving instances can happen from time to time, but devs are aware of this.

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