Overwatch 2 player discovers lifesaving “Troll Blink” Tracer tech

Michelle Cornelia
Hidden Tracer nerfs Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2’s new “Troll Blink” Tracer tech can be used to confuse enemies or flee a fight. Here’s everything you need to know about pulling it off.

Over the years, Overwatch players have found different ways to pull off some crazy tricks with their favorite heroes. Whether that be smooth Doomfist rollouts, Genji’s blade animation cancel, or Mercy’s super jump pre-Overwatch 2, the list goes on.

It’s interesting to see how players can take advantage of a hero’s kit by coming up with these types of things. And with the new hero Venture arriving sometime this year, one can only imagine the possibilities.

One such hero who’s not forgotten when it comes to tricks is Tracer. She’s fast, slippery, and deals so much damage, but what happens if she can be more “invisible”? The newly discovered “Troll Blink” may be able to make that a reality when done correctly.

Popular Overwatch streamer GetQuakedOn has shared a new Tracer tech that gives other players the illusion of blinking in a certain direction.

In the clip the streamer uploaded on X, Tracer was seen blinking to the left, as clearly shown in her blink’s trail. To the viewer’s surprise, the hero remained behind a pillar during the blink animation.

Many players thought this was cool, and fortunately, the streamer linked a tutorial on YouTube on how to pull it off. It involves finding a wall that players can spam blink to without having their character bounce or move after, even the slightest.

Tracer mythic skin season 5

It’s unclear if this movement will get patched, but for now, Tracer mains seem to be rejoicing. “This tutorial is awesome! Can’t wait to give it a shot!” one user replied in the comments.

“Perhaps with enough practice baiting the enemy this way, you can become the master-baiter,” another chimed in.

Tracer is already extremely slippery in the hands of experienced players, but with this tech, juking and mind gaming enemies in skirmishes would likely get a lot more interesting.

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