Overwatch 2 stats reveal one hero’s shocking dominance in Season 9

Jeremy Gan
Tracer highlight intro in Overwatch

Overwatch 2’s Top 500 stats reveal Tracer’s absurd dominance in the Season 9 meta as her pick rate soars. 

Among Season 9’s sweeping changes, Overwatch 2 was hit with a massive tweak to projectile size, and there were some winners and losers as a result as the meta shifted.

Zenyatta and Lucio undoubtedly saw the most improvement in the support role, with an old-school Lucio-Zen backline making a comeback from Overwatch 1. In particular, dive heroes like D.Va, Sombra, Winston, and especially Tracer also received quite the buff.

And now that we’re deep into Season 9, stats from the Top 500 ladder have revealed just how much Tracer is used in the meta, with a jaw-dropping pick rate across the board. 

Compiled by Reddit user u/ImFate73 on the Competitive Overwatch board, they showed off their gathered stats of Hero picks from Top 500 profiles, and it showcases just how shocking Tracer’s dominance is. 

According to their stats, Tracer has been picked in 75.65% of all Top 500 games thus far in Season 9. This easily out performs every other DPS Hero, with the second most picked being Sojourn at a mere 18.41%. 

No other DPS Heroes crack 20%, with Tracer hogging the spotlight. Symmetra sees herself as the lowest-picked DPS Hero at 0.59%, with Bastion just barely breaking 1%. 

Tracer Highlight Intro in overwatch
Tracer is almost a must-pick for DPS players in Season 9

In the other roles, it also sees a fair few shakeups to Hero picks. Zenyatta and Lucio are the two most picked Supports, with 51.80% and 45.21% respectively, with the once-dominant Ana sitting at just 13.76% as the sixth most picked. 

Tank surprisingly has shown the most variance. Sigma tops the list at 21.79%, no surprise as with the projectile changes it’s now easier to hit shots.

However, at second, Junker Queen sits at 19.87%, with D.Va and Wrecking Ball coming third and fourth respectively. 

Needless to say, but if you plan on grinding your way to Top 500 on DPS, is most likely best to get your Tracer in top form.

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