Hidden Overwatch 2 Tracer buff makes Pulse Bomb extra powerful, but there’s a catch

tracer pulse bomb buffBlizzard Entertainment

A secret Tracer buff added in the latest Overwatch 2 patch has made her Pulse Bomb ultimate even more powerful, that is, if you’re skilled enough to take advantage of it.

Tracer had the damage to her Pulse Pistols buffed a bit in the Season 2 update, but it seems like the OW2 devs could have made another undocumented change or the DPS hero at the same time.

Pulse Bomb is one of Overwatch’s most balanced ultimates with the community widely in agreement that the ability is incredibly fair in terms of its damage, charge time and the skill required to make it effective.

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Prior to this recent update, Tracer players were at risk of dying to their own ultimate if they were in proximity to the explosion, but that has since changed in a big way.

Undocumented Overwatch 2 change buffs Tracer

As shown by Overwatch 2 streamer Dibz on Twitter, if Tracer manages to stick an enemy with the Pulse Bomb, she will no longer take any damage herself.

However, if the Pulse Bomb misses, she’s still at risk of dying. This means that players who are able to stick the bomb will be even more lethal against tanks.

For example, if you’re fighting a Roadhog and stick your Pulse Bomb to him, you can safely blast away at his massive hitbox to wrack extra damage and potentially secure the kill.

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This is also good against lower health heroes who will die to Pulse Bomb, because Tracer won’t have to use a Blink or Recall to get away from the explosion.

That said, it’s also possible that this change is a bug. Some players have even suggested it’s related to a buff Bastion received causing him to no longer take self-damage from using his Configuration Artillery ultimate.

Regardless, even if this buff is just a bug, players don’t want Blizzard to patch it out and think it’s a good quality of life change for the hero.

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“I think it should have always been this way when D.Va and Junkrat no longer received self-damage from their ults,” Dibz commented.

We’ll have to wait and see if this was intentional or a bug, by the time the mid-season patch rolls around in a few weeks.