Overwatch 2 player finds way to eliminate enemies with Lifeweaver’s Tree of Life

lifeweaver tree of death in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

The new Overwatch 2 hero Lifeweaver doesn’t offer much in the way of damage, but it turns out players can get kills with Tree of Life ultimate.

Lifeweaver’s launch in Overwatch 2 has been rocky to say the least. After launching with weird controls, the devs updated them a week later with a series of buffs to the hero, but that hasn’t pushed him ahead in the meta.

For a couple of weeks now, players have been discovering tricks with the hero, such as Twitch streamer Dafran using his Petal Platforms to access chandeliers on Eichenwalde before ultimately rage-quitting a day later.

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However, for those looking for other ingenious uses of his utility, one player found out that if you act quick enough with Tree of Life, you can use it to score some sneaky kills onto enemies.

Lifeweaver’s OW2 ultimate becomes a Tree of Death

In a clip posted to Reddit, user Firm_Huckleberry_418 showcased a game on Lijang Tower where the player’s team was trying to defend the objective.

The clip is actually from a Lifeweaver kill cam, revealing that the opposing team’s Pharah began using her Rocket Barrage and despite securing a frag, ended up taking herself out of the fight.

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By placing the Tree of Life in front of the Pharah using Rocket Barrage, the Lifeweaver player was able to make the DPS hero deal damage to herself.

Effectively, this tactic could work on any Overwatch 2 hero that can damage themselves with an ability such as Soldier 76’s Helix Rocket, Sigma’s Accretion, Tracer’s Pulse Bomb, you get the idea.

Of course, the times when this trick could be useful are few and far between, but with an attack such as Rocket Barrage, as seen in the clip, there is definitely enough time to take advantage of the ultimate’s animation.

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Regardless, it’s another way for Lifeweaver players to potentially contribute to scoring kills for their team considering his Thorns lack consistent damage – something that will hopefully be adjusted in a future balance patch.

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