Overwatch 2 x Transformers collab turns fan favorite heroes into Autobots

Jeremy Gan
Overwatch 2 Transformers splash art

Blizzard has unveiled Overwatch 2’s collaboration with Transformers, turning fan-favorite heroes into Autobots (and Decepticons).

Hinted at in the Season 11 trailer, Blizzard gave fans a brief teaser for a new Transformers collaboration, just two seasons after a highly anticipated Cowboy Bebop crossover.

The Transformers collab slots in perfectly with Season 11’s theme, a tribute to Sunday morning cartoons, with the entire Season theming itself around Kamen Rider and Toksatsu-style shows.

Just before it drops in the midseason update, the Transformers collab has now received a proper reveal and some of Overwatch 2’s fan-favorite heroes will be getting the skins.

Overwatch 2 Transformers in-game image
The Overwatch 2 x Transformers collab will see heroes turned into Autobots

Reinhardt will be getting the Optimus Prime skin, quite fitting as the stoic frontline leader of the Overwatch organization. With Bastion getting the Bumblebee skin, once again fitting as our favorite Omnic only communicates in bleeps and boops.

Illari too will be getting a skin based on Arcee, with Ramattra getting a Megatron skin as the only Decepticon representation in the collab. Another spot-on opportunity as he too is the only Null Sector character getting a crossover skin.  

In addition to the hero skins, there will also be other Transformers-themed cosmetics such as player icons, name cards, and titles for fans to collect.

It’s unknown if there will be a free skin for players to earn but there have been in previous collabs. We’ll need to wait until the update goes live to be sure in this case though.

The Transformers collab comes as Blizzard introduces yet another ambitious crossover for Overwatch 2. The most recent was the Cowboy Bebop collab, which was another anime collab, preceded by the One Punch Man crossover.

Even outside of the anime/Sunday morning cartoon which crossovers, the devs have been collaborating with the likes of LE SSERAFIM and Porsche on skins and events.

The Transformers skins are slated to go live in Overwatch 2 in the Season 11 midseason patch on July 9.

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