Nostalgic Overwatch 2 players claim “broken” OW1 character changed game forever

Andrew Highton
overwatch characters together

Overwatch 2 players have been looking back on the original OW1 with fondness and have revealed who the most OP Hero actually was.

We’re in the middle of one of Overwatch 2’s most quiet seasons so far in Season 5. In terms of impact and new content, it’s probably the most low-key one yet. One of the main reasons for this is that S5 is considered the calm before the giant Season 6 storm.

Cryptic messages have already given S6 some big hype and it’s not too long until the new season will be set in motion. In the meantime, Overwatch 2 players have been discussing OW1. The game has crept back into the headlines as of late – especially due to the player who got to briefly play it.

Now, players have been reminiscing about the first game and who the strongest character was.

Overwatch 2 community declare the best OW1 Hero

It may seem foreign to players new to Overwatch, but in the OG title, it was 6v6, you could have multiple people use the same character, and some Heroes had wildly different setups.

One hero that actually dominated was Symmetra. She’s still extremely dangerous in Overwatch 2, but her OW1 form was devastating as she could wield six turrets simultaneously.

“Ancient Symmetra with 6 turrets was the real menace,” said one OW2 post, and one of the comments said: “Early early days, with no restrictions from choosing the same characters. I remember seeing degenerate clips of 6-Sym teams set up ridiculous car washes at choke points. Definitely the kind of shenanigans that caused them to restrict choosing the same character in any serious format.”

One top comment said: “You’d get reported as Symmetra for trolling but her auto-locking beam was the most broken ability in [the] game,” and another user added: “Yeah, also when the enemy team was going 6 Symms on Eichenwalde and just spamming turrets all over the passage to the point…man, that was like an absolute nightmare.”

Looking ahead to the future instead of the past, Overwatch 2 Season 6 looks set to be a game-changer. The Invasion content addition is going to be one of the most significant since the game launched.

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