Overwatch 2 player accidentally gets to play Overwatch 1 again – sort of

Andrew Highton
overwatch 1 cast

Overwatch 2 replaced Blizzard’s Overwatch 1 back in October 2022, and players still hark back to these days. In a bizarre turn of events, one player has actually managed to get a taste of the OG game, but not in the way they probably hoped for.

Due to circumstances such as the PvE controversy and ongoing issues with Competitive Play and its changes in the sequel, some Overwatch 2 players have made no secret of their desire to revisit the original Overwatch 1 days.

When OW2 debuted, this brought an end to Overwatch 1. Meaning, the community was forced to play the new game to get their fix. This didn’t go down well with many members at the time, but one player may have stumbled across a way to experience the first game – if only briefly.

Overwatch 1 can still be played in Overwatch 2?

It was a trip down nostalgia lane for OW2 Reddit user yosukemybeloved when they deleted Blizzard’s most recent Hero shooter from their console.

“Accidentally deleted the game from my PS4, this deleted the Overwatch 2 update. Because the Overwatch 1 disc was inserted this is what I saw when I opened the game,” they explained.

They attached a video to the post and not only did it show a classic intro, but it also showed something not seen for a long time – the Overwatch 1 menu screen.

The OP added that they also “got the f**king PSN error” to suggest that they couldn’t actually play the game. One player said: “I’m sorry for all the times I skipped you, Winston,” another added: “The good old days,” and one more comment said: “This is why OW1 should’ve never been deleted, the feeling you get just isn’t the same.”

It seems that Blizzard is all in on Overwatch 2. Meaning, it’s likely that Overwatch 1 will probably never be playable again in any form – but you never know. For now, we look ahead to the game’s future, especially as the devs are already very excited about the new Season 8 Hero.