New Overwatch D.Va comic hints at MEKA Squad heroes coming in OW2

Michael Gwilliam
MEKA squad heroes in ow2

The final chapter of the Overwatch comic series, ‘New Blood’, finally brings fan-favorite D.Va into the mix and seems to tease that members of her MEKA Squad could be joining Overwatch 2.

The New Blood comic series has been a hit with fans. The Dark Horse comics follow Cole Cassidy on his quest to recruit new members to Overwatch to take on the Null Sector and Talon threat.

On March 15, the fifth and final chapter debuted and sees D.Va and the rest of the MEKA Squad fight an army of omnics, but things get dramatic when the Korean hero’s boss wouldn’t let her work with Overwatch.

While we advise you check out the comic on your own, if you don’t mind spoilers and what this could mean for Overwatch 2, continue reading down below.

Blizzard Entertainment
The MEKA Squad has become popular in Overwatch’s expanded lore.

New Overwatch 2 heroes teased

As the battle raged and the MEKA force found themselves in danger, Cassidy, Pharah, Zarya, and Baptiste showed up to save the day.

Once the dust settled, D.Va was allowed by her superior to work with Overwatch and leave with them, while the rest of MEKA group would stay in Korea.

However, before taking off, Cassidy gave the leader some data on all the threats they’ve faced so far, suggesting that this isn’t the last we’ll see of her or the rest of the Korean pilots.

D.mon in Overwatch 2
D.Mon had official concept art made for her.

The four members of MEKA who could become playable heroes are Casino, King, Overlord, and D.Mon. Interestingly, the latter actually had official concept art made showing what she could be like as an actual in-game character.

Unfortunately, it may be sometime before more MEKA squad members are playable in Overwatch 2 as only one new hero, Sojourn, will be available in the OW2 beta come April.

Still, the devs are teasing plenty of tanks and supports in development for future beta iterations, so there’s a chance we see them in action later on in 2022. We’ll just have to see what the future holds.

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