“Weird” detail in D.Va’s mech leaves Overwatch 2 players horrified

Michelle Cornelia
Dva boosts in Overwatch

Overwatch 2 players are shocked after finding out about this “weird” detail that can be seen inside D.Va’s mech.

D.Va is one of the heroes available as soon as Overwatch launched in 2016. Since then, the professional pilot and gamer has become a favorite among fans, aside from the game’s poster child, Tracer.

With the game announcing a collab with Porsche, D.Va seems to be gaining even more spotlight this season. However, who would’ve thought that aside from her charm and adorable skins, her mech seems to show one detail that looks pretty unsettling when you look close enough.

One player has discovered that when previewing D.Va’s Overwatch 2 skin in the game’s menu, the face of pilot D.Va can be seen inside it.

Granted, this seems to be only visible from certain angles and victory poses. But that certainly didn’t stop other players from feeling uncomfortable and going wild with theories in a Reddit thread.

“God, that’s horrifying,” one person wrote. Meanwhile, another player mentioned, “I don’t know why, but this makes me uncomfortable.”

A third user was convinced that the D.Va standing outside the mech was a “skinwalker.” They added, “That’s D.Va’s corpse in the mech.”

Supporting this theory, one person commented, “[You] know you’ve been acting real weird since Overwatch 2, D.Va, You sure you got nothing to tell me?”

toki dva overwatch 2 skin

Some players in the comments pointed out that this is likely due to the game’s code, considering D.Va has different forms.

“D.Va is such a nightmare to handle in code, so this was probably easier to do since I think the only time she’s not in the mech is during self-destruct (though the model might still be in there, too). Looks hilarious,” explained one user.

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