Official Overwatch concept art shows what MEKA heroes could have been

Bill Cooney
D.mon in Overwatch 2

The former Lead Concept Artist for Overwatch has revealed official concept art of D.Va’s teammates on the MEKA squad, revealing they were far more developed than most people thought.

Since the release of the Busan map and the “Shooting Star” cinematic, we’ve known that there are four other MEKA pilots besides D.Va. You can actually see their mechs in one part of Busan, but they’re just scenery.

However, these background characters seem to be more developed than anyone outside of Blizzard realized. On January 8, former Overwatch Lead Concept Artist Ben Zhang shared official concept art of D.Va’s MEKA companions, giving us more detail than ever before.

MEKA pilots get the Overwatch hero treatment

A lot of people thought D.Mon and her mech Beast would become Overwatch heroes along with D.Va.

Zhang, who left Blizzard in 2019, made these concepts for the Shooting Star cinematic, but they’ve never been shared publicly before now.

Starting with D.Mon AKA Yuna, she has a mech that looks like it shares similar abilities to Reinhardt. Instead of a hammer she’s wielding a beam sword, but has a shield just like the tank hero as well.

D.Mon has actually gotten quite a bit of attention over the years since Shooting Star came out. She was actually thought to be an upcoming hero, but as Blizzard has shifted their focus to Overwatch 2, that idea’s pretty much gone away.

This sleek green mech looks like it could be a quick DPS version of D.Va.

Jae-Eun is the pilot of La Princesse, a mech that looks like it could be speedy, and deal DPS with its dual cannons. It’s the same setup as D.Va but instead of Gatling cannons, this green MEKA might be able to fire focused beams, increasing the damage output.

Mastermind looks the most like a Support hero out of any of the MEKA designs.

Mastermind, piloted by Seung-Hwa, definitely looks the most like a Support hero. Multiple drones on the mech’s wings seem to be able to detach and perform individual tasks, while the arms could give utility for moving allies or enemies where they need to go.

Singijeon is actually the name of medieval Korean fire arrow rockets.

Finally, we have Singijeon piloted by Kyung-Soo, a mech that looks very much like a Goliath from StarCraft, though transferred to the world of Overwatch. This is another that would probably fall into the DPS category if it were ever made into an actual hero. Just look at those missile batteries and arm cannons, and you’ll understand why.

Sadly, none of these characters ever saw much more action than the few seconds they appear in Shooting Star and their models on the Busan MEKA base stage. Based on these detailed concepts there’s a good chance more was in store originally, but it just never panned out.

Who knows though? Maybe when Overwatch 2 finally comes out these characters will finally get their chance to shine.

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