LA Valiant unveil full Chinese lineup in controversial OWL roster overhaul

LA Valiant logoLos Angeles Valiant

Following the controversial release of their entire lineup, the Los Angeles Valiant has finally unveiled its new full Chinese roster ahead of the 2021 Overwatch League season.

Despite having a new roster signed and ready to compete at the end of 2020, the LA Valiant dropped its team in January 2021. Two months later and the new Chinese-based ownership has revealed its fresh lineup.

Seven Chinese players were announced for the revamped Valiant on March 17. Among them are two DPS, three Tanks, and two Support mains.

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Select players come boasting previous Overwatch League experience, while others are coming out of two-year hiatuses.

Arguably the most notable on the roster are Qi ‘Wya’ Haomiao, having previously played for the Guangzhou Charge, along with Cai ‘Krystal’ Shilong, formerly of the Hangzhou Spark.

LA Valiant 2021 OWL rosterLos Angeles Valiant
The new-look LA Valiant lineup in full.

This announcement comes weeks after the LA-based organization let go of its original team amidst a power shuffle.

Formerly led by Immortals Gaming, control of the OWL spot was transferred to LGE, a Chinese-based esports organization.

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The unprecedented move landed the franchise in hot water as popular members of the community lashed out.

In the midst of the transfer, previously signed talent were left with little time to find new homes prior to roster lock.

LA Valiant’s new Chinese roster will be competing in the East Division of the restructured Overwatch League. The 2021 season kicks off on April 17 as Valiant take on the Chengdu Hunters.

2021 Los Angeles Valiant roster

Player Role Previous Team
Cai ‘Krystal‘ Shilong DPS Ultra Prime Academy
Liao ‘MoLanran‘ Yang DPS The One Winner
Han ‘Silver3‘ Haibo Tank The One Winner
Wen ‘NvM‘ Yelin Tank Retired since 2018
Cheng ‘ShowCheng‘ Yu Tank Flag Gaming
Zhang ‘Highbee‘ Zening Support The One Winner
Qi ‘Wya‘ Haomiao Support Ultra Prime Academy