KSI reveals playing Overwatch helped him KO two fighters on the same night

Michael Gwilliam
KSI kos two people after playing overwatch

YouTuber-turned-boxer KSI was able to secure two KOs on the same night and it turns out Overwatch may have given him the energy to secure the win in both bouts.

After three years away from the ring, KSI made history on August 27 with a first-round KO against Swarmz followed by knocking out professional boxer Luis Pineda in the third round.

The fights themselves have shown that KSI is a real contender for Jake Paul’s crown of the top YouTube boxer, despite The Problem Child being unimpressed by his rival’s victories.

Amazingly, one of the keys to KSI’s success seems to have come from a pre-fight ritual where he plays Blizzard’s hero-based FPS Overwatch.

ksi vs swarmz punch
KSI was able to KO two foes on the same night.

KSI explains how Overwatch helps him win boxing matches

In a post on social media, the British rapper decided to respond to fans wondering what he does on fight day to prepare for two bouts on the same night.

“What do I do on the day that I’m going to get into the ring, not once, but twice today,” he began. “Well, ladies and gentlemen, we play Overwatch! We play Overwatch and beat up all these noobs!”

After signing into his Xbox, KSI cut to the end of his ranked match where he showed a victory screen having completed a game on Nepal as Reaper.

“Yay, victory,” he proudly proclaimed, showing off his Lucio teammate’s healing stats.

As it turns out, KSI himself is a gold-ranked player, meaning that he’s on the lower end of the SR spectrum, but hey, a win is a win.

It’s unclear what about Overwatch itself KSI believes helps him in the ring or if he just enjoys the thrill of beating people at a video game. Perhaps it’s some of Overwatch’s frustrating design that plays a factor.

In any case, if KSI does in fact end up doing battle against Jake Paul in the future, chances are he’ll be playing quite a bit of Overwatch in preparation.